By Paul Peavy

Yes, yes, and Y E S!

High school swim season may sometimes seem like a hassle but the question is as a parent is it worth the hassle? Yes! Absolutely yes! As a therapist I love hearing that a kid has joined a team. The reasons are that I know that the kid now has an identity at school. That at least once a week that kid gets to wear a jersey or a t-shirt that says they belong to an identifiable group. For a kid that is struggling either academically or socially this is a huge boost. Academically this means another adult (coach) will be telling them that their grades matter and that the consequence of bad grades mean no sports.
Socially it is cool to have your team announced over the intercom, on the school news broadcast, or mentioned in the school newspaper and yearbook. Now, what is really cool is to hear another kid lean over to ask your swimmer child how fun or easy swimming is and to hear your child answer back with either the number of hours of practice per week or number of weeks per year or the yardage in the thousands per day he or she swims. Swimmers respect other swimmers but your child needs to hear that gasp of disbelief from peers outside the swim world of how hard your swimmer works.
So high school swim meets may seem stressful because they are short with limited number of events on week nights but trust me in the big picture, this little thing means a lot. A whole lot!

Does high school swimming matter?