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Bolles Sweeps Team Titles; Trinity Prep’s White, Westminster Academy’s Nava Break State Records At FHSAA State 1A Meet


By Sharon Robb

November 6, 2015—Jacksonville Bolles continued its domination of the Pinch-A-Penny FHSAA State 1A Swimming and Diving Meet Friday at Sailfish Splashpark Aquatic Athletics Center in Stuart.

With talent and depth, Bolles swept the team titles in the boys and girls competition.

The boys won their 28th consecutive team title with 471 points, more than 200 points ahead of Pine Crest (187) and Boca Raton St. Andrew’s (159).

The girls, with only one individual champion, won their 25th state title with 335.5 points. Lake Highland Prep was runner-up with 256.5 and Montverde was third with 213.

Pine Crest, competing without top swimmer Marta Ciesla, was fourth with 164 points. Ciesla is representing the U.S. at the FINA/Airweave World Cup Series in Dubai. On Friday, she won a silver medal in the 50-meter freestyle in her only second international meet.

Trinity Prep's Caroline White wins 100 Breast
Trinity Prep’s Caroline White wins 100 Breast

Trinity Prep senior Caroline White broke the seven-year-old 100-yard breaststroke record in an automatic All-American time of 1:01.68. The previous record was 1:01.73 set by University of Florida alum Lindsey McKnight of Douglas in 2008.

Westminster Academy sophomore Jessica Nava broke the state record in the 100-yard butterfly in 53.77, an automatic All-American time. Nava broke the 2019 state record of 53.83 set by Chelsea Britt of Lake Highland Prep. The butterfly field was impressive and fast  with four girls posting All-American automatic and two others consideration times.

Christin Rockway of Tampa Catholic became Tampa Bay Brandon’s first-ever individual champion by winning the 200-yard individual medley in 2:00.39. The sophomore was also fifth in the 100-yard butterfly in a personal best 55.23.

There was more parity in the girls competition. Bolles had only one girls individual champion with Abi Wilder in the 100-yard backstroke in 55.56, an All-American consideration time.

Three different teams (Trinity Prep, Lake Highland Prep, Montverde) winning the relays.

Katie Schorr, a sophomore at Montverde, was the only double winner, capturing the 50-yard freestyle in 23.05 and 100-yard freestyle in 49.76, both automatic All-American times.

Ransom Everglades junior Kayla Valls won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:47.28, an automatic All-American time and was second in the 100-yard freestyle in 50.60, an All-American consideration time.

Jacksonville Bolles was dominant in the boys relays sweeping all three. Bolles won the 200-yard medley relay in an automatic All-American time of 1:29.86 with Andy Song An, James Daugherty, Ariel Spektor and Tyler Rice.

Rice, Wiley Watson, John Pate and Spektor won the 200-yard freestyle relay in 1:23.42, also an automatic All-American time.

In the final 400-yard freestyle relay, Spektor, Song An, Watson and Rice won in 3:01.26, an automatic All-American time.

Bolles also won four individual titles. They were Spektor in the 100-yard butterfly in 47.85, an automatic All-American time; Rice in the 100-yard freestyle in 44.58, also an automatic All-American time; Song An in the 100-yard backstroke in 47.58, an automatic All-American time and James Daughtery in the 100-yard breaststroke in 54.79, an automatic All-American time.

In other boys’ individual races, Canadian Santi Corredor of Bishop Verot was a double winner with two impressive victories in the 200-yard freestyle in 1:37.76 and 500-yard freestyle in 4:23.17. Both were automatic All-American times.

University School sophomore Patrick Groters won his first state title in the 200-meter individual medley in 1:50.22, an automatic All-American team.

Westlake Prep senior Raiz Tjon-A-Joe won the 50-yard freestyle in 20.26 after going a career-best 20.10 in prelims, both automatic All-American times. He was also second in the 100-yard breaststroke in 55.63, after going 54.64 in prelims, both All-American automatic times.

Broward County swept the 1-meter springboard diving titles.

Santi Corredor wins the 500 Free - Photo/Jamie Marks, Eric Nelson - Florida Swim Network
Santi Corredor wins the 500 Free – Photo/Jamie Marks, Eric Nelson – Florida Swim Network

University School eighth grader Maia Goldstein won her first state title edging rival Johanna Holloway of Westminster Academy, 470.45-464.20 points. Goldstein clinched it on her final dive, a back somersault with 2 ½ twists.

“I dove my best,” Goldstein told Florida Swim Network. “It went really well. The last dive for me is the one that sealed it the most.”

Pine Crest senior Austin Fields won the boys title with a convincing 557.20 point total.

Pine Crest had four divers in the top five: sixth grader Kevin Mendez, third, 479.85; sophomore Lyle Hayes-Macaluso, fourth, 470.90 and senior Hunter Fields, fifth, 443. The Panthers had a 65-17 lead over Coral Shores after the diving competition.

On Saturday, Gulliver Prep girls and American Heritage Plantation boys will try and defend their State 2A team titles.



1.Jacksonville Bolles 335.5, 2. Orlando Lake Highland Prep 256.5, 3. Montverde 213, 4. Pine Crest 164, 5. Trinity Prep 159, 6. Boca Raton St. Andrew’s 143, 7. Tampa Prep 111, 8. Westminster Academy 92, 9. Berkeley Prep 89, 10. Miami Ransom Everglades 83.


200-yard medley relay:

1.Trinity Prep (Grace Olivardia, Caroline White, Claire Maiocco, Summer Heidish) 1:42.98, 2. Bolles 143.14, 3. St. Andrew’s 1:49.47.

200-yard freestyle:

1.Kyla Valls, RE 1:47.28, 2. Kendall Dawson, MONT 1:48.35, 3. Abby Burke, LHP 1:49.90.

200-yard individual medley:

1.Christin Rockway, TCAT 2:00.39, 2. Caroline White, TRIN 2:01.77, 3. Carley Lowe, LHP 2:02.43.

50-yard freestyle:

1.Katie Schorr, MONT 23.05, 2. Chade Nercisio, TCLW 23.41, 3. Isabella Garofalo, STJO 23.45.

100-yard butterfly:

1.Jessica Nava, WA 53.77, 2. Paige Hamilton, LHP 53.87, 3. Claire Maiocco, TRIN 54.45.

100-yard freestyle:

1.Katie Schorr, MONT 49.76, 2. Kyla Valls, RE 50.60, 3. Abby Burke, LHP 51.14.

500-yard freestyle:

1.Kendall Dawson, MONT 4:51.38, AA-A, 2. Emma Feehery, COM 4:54.16, AA-C, 3. Manu Andrade, JB 4:56.65, AA-C.

200-yard freestyle relay:

1.Lake Highland (Andie Myers, Abby Burke, Paige Hamilton, Carley Lowe) 1:34.97, AA-A, 2. Bolles 1:35.23, AA-A, 3. Montverde 1:36.15, AA-C.

100-yard backstroke:

1.Abi Wilder, JB 55.56 AA-C, 2. Chloe Miller, JB 56.56, 3. Jessica Nava, WA 56.60.

100-yard breaststroke

1.Caroline White, TRIN 1:01.68, AA-A, state record; 2. Olga Lapteva, JB 1:03.79, AA-C, 3. Elizabeth Zubero, WA 1:04.15, AA-C.

400-yard freestyle relay:

1.Montverde 3:27.17, AA-A (Kendall Dawson, Mali Rodriguez, Brady Estrada, Katie Schorr), 2. Bolles 3:27.98, AA-A, 3. Lake Highland Prep 3:29.18, AA-C.

1-meter springboard diving:

1.Maia Goldstein, US 470.45, 2. Johanna Holloway, WA 464.20, 3. Emma Whitner, LHP 461.30.


1.Jacksonville Bolles 471, 2. Pine Crest 187, 3. Boca Raton St. Andrew’s 159, 4. Berkeley Prep 139, 5. Lake Highland Prep 130, 6. Tampa Prep 104, 7. University School 98, 8. Bishop Verot 83, 9. Sagemont 68, 10. Westlake Prep 67.


200-yard medley relay:

1.Jacksonville Bolles 1:29.86 (Andy Song An, James Daugherty, Ariel Spektor, Tyler Rice), 2. St. Andrew’s 1:34.33, 3. Pine Crest 1:34.83.

200-yard freestyle:

1.Santi Corredor, BV 1:37.76, AA-A, 2. Andy Song An, JB 1:38.17, AA-A, 3. Stanislav Van Genderen, BV 1:39.41, AA-C.

200-yard individual medley:

1.Patrick Groters, US 1:50.22, 2. Van Cates, TP 1:51.26, 3. Fernando Alatorre, SAGE 1:52.56.

50-yard freestyle:

1.Raiz Tjon-A-Joe, WESP 20.26, 2. Wiley Watson, JB 20.75, 3. Anton Voronin, NBP 20.78.

100-yard butterfly:

1.Ariel Spektor, JB 47.85, 2. Derek Peeples, SFCA 49.85, 3. Luke Smutny, SFH 50.00.

100-yard freestyle:

1.Tyler Rice, JB 44.58, 2. Wiley Watson, JB 46.01, 3. Anton Voronin, NBP 46.23.

500-yard freestyle:

1.Santi Corredor, BV 4:23.17, AA-A, 2. Hayden Curley, LHP 4:27.88, AA-A, 3. Stanislav Van Genderen, BV 4:30.16, AA-C.

200-yard freestyle relay:

1.Bolles 1:23.42, AA-A (Tyler Rice, Wiley Watson, John Pate, Ariel Spektor), 2. Pine Crest 1:25.84, AA-C, 3. Tampa Prep 1:26.03, AA-C.

100-yard backstroke:

1.Andy Song An, JB 47.58, AA-A, 2. Matthew Garcia, CM 47.88, AA-A, 3. Van Cates, TAMP 50.22, AA-C.

100-yard breaststroke:

1.James Daugherty, JB 54.79, AA-A, 2. Raiz Tjon-A-Joe, WESP 55.633, AA-A, 3. Izaak Bastian STA 57.19, AA-C.

400-yard freestyle relay:

1.Bolles 3:01.26, AA-A (Ariel Spektor, Andy Song An, Wiley Watson, Tyler Rice), 2. Trinity Prep 3:08.19, AA-C, 3. Berkeley 3:09.28, AA-C.

1-meter springboard diving:

1.Austin Fields, PC 557.20, 2. Miles Miller, COSH 485.55, 3. Kevin Mendez, PC 479.85.


What: Pinch-A-Penny FHSAA State 2A Swimming and Diving Meet.

When: Saturday, 9 a.m., 5:30 p.m. finals

Where: Sailfish Splashpark Aquatic Athletics Center, 931 S.E. Ruhnke St., Stuart.

Admission: $9 per session, parking $5.

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