Bolles School continued its dominance of the 1A High School State Championship Friday night by claiming its 27th straight win fr the girls and 29th straight win for the boys.

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Starting off with the 200 Medley Relay, Bolles School (1:44.60) was just out-touched by Lake Highland for the win. Highlanders Abby Burke, Em Brown, Carley Lowe, and Anderson Myers combined to clinch victory in a time of 1:44.09. Both relays gained automatic All American Status.

For the boys, Bolles School’s Matt Serra, James Daugherty, Ariel Spektor, and Gabi Gomez Treig worked for the win in a time of 1:29.36. Saint Andrew’s (1:33.21) was second and both teams gained All American status.

In the first individual event of the night, the 200 Free, Ransom Everglades’ Kyla Valls won with a time of 1:45.96 for All American status. South Florida Heat’s Mary Smutny (1:46.42) was also automatic, while Monteverde’s Katie Schorr (1:49.11), Lake Highland’s Abby Burke (1:50.81), Bolles School’s Abi Wilder (1:50.70) and Trinity Christian’s Nicole Gomez (1:51.58) all gained consideration for All American.

In the boys 200 Free, Lake Highland’s Hayden Curley was the victor in 1:39.04. Bishop Verot’s Stanislav Van Genderen (1.39.16), Nsu School’s Daniel Jacobs (1:39.67), Berkeley’s Nathan Stovern (1:39.85), Bolles’ Graham Ungrady (1:40.25) and Cardinal Mooney’s Matthew Nutter (1:40.33) all gained All American consideration.

In a blazing fast final of the girls 200 IM, Oak Hall’s Isabel Ivey got the first of her two wins in a time of 1:57.31. She, along with Lake Highland’s Carley Lowe (1:59.65), Tampa Catholic’s Christin Rockway (2:00.24), Benjamin’s Alessandra Baldari (2:00.27), and Nsu School’s Allison Kopas (2:00.80), gained automatic All American status.

In the boys 200 IM, Bishop Verot’s Santi Corredor also won the first of his two events by touching in with a time of 1:47.63. Nsu School’s Patrick Groters was second in 1:48.52, giving both boys All American status. Tampa Prep’s Van Cates (1:50.50) was third and gained consideration status.

In a tight;y-fought 50 Free, Isabel Ivey (22.51) out-touched Pine Crest’s Marta Ciesla (22.61) for the win, gaining both girls All American status. The boys race was equally as close, with Berkeley’s Robert Cecil (20.73) as the victor over Saint Andrew’s Izaak Bastian (20.75). These, along with third place Pine Crest’s Nicola Ferrara (20.97) all gained consideration for All American status.

In the 100 Fly, Westminster Academy’s Jessica Nava broke her own state record for the win in an All American time of 53.45. Alessandra Baldari (53.59), Claire Maiocco (53.84), Anderson Myers (54.59), and St. John Neumann’s Madeline Burt (54.65) all gained All American status, too.

For the boys, Bolles School’s Ariel Spektor (47.84) beat out his own teammate, Matt Serra (48.82) for the win, giving both boys automatic All American status. Meanwhile Episcopal’s Cole Crane (49.89) and Trinity Christian’s Seg Bernandina (50.10) earned consideration status.

In the 100 Free, Marta Ciesla (49.67) out-touched Katie Schorr (49.74), Kyla Valls (49.98), Mary Smutny (50.35) and all gained automatic status. For the boys, Robert Cecil defended his undefeated season with a final win, touching in at 45.07 to gain automatic All American status. Gabi Gomez Traig (45.42) and Matthew Nutter (46.38) gained consideration.

In the 500 Free, Community School’s Emma Feehery dominate the field, winning in a time of 4:49.00 for automatic status along with second place Christin Rockway (4:50.50). Carley Lowe (4:53.66) was third and gained consideration.

For the boys, Santi Corredor gained his second win of the night in a time of 4:23.90. He, along with second place Hayden Curley (4:26.70), gained All American status while Stanislav Van Genderen (4:29.75), and Nsu School’s Daniel Jacobs (4:30.64) gained consideration status.

In the 200 Free Relay, Saint Andrew’s (1:37.20) was second to Pine Crest. The Panthers’ Andrea Santander, Alexandra Meszaros, Jamie Flores, and Marta Ciesla combined to go 1:35.13 and to gain All American Status. In the boys relay event, Bolles won by almost a second-and-a-half. Gabi Gomez Treig, Ariel Spektor, Jake Adcock, and John Pate turned in a 1:23.45. Trinity Prep (1:24.91), Berkeley Prep (1:25.96), and Saint Andrew’s, Pine Crest and Trinity Christian followed up, all gaining consideration.

In the 100 Backstroke, Jessica Nava earned her second individual title of the night, going 54.55 to beat Abi Wilder (55.03) Both girls gained automatic status while Saint Andrew’s Lauren Hew (55.29), Allison Kopas (55.81) and Bradenton Christian’s Anna Freed (55.90) gained consideration.

For the boys, Patrick Groters gained the win in a time of 49.19 for automatic status. Meanwhile Matt Serra and Montverde’s Thiago Ferreira (50.78) gained consideration.

In the 100 Breaststroke, Pine Crest’s Hannah Virgin won with a 1:04.06 for consideration status. Katherine Baker of Bolles was second in 1:04.92. For the boys, Bolles James Daugherty won in a time of 54.38. He, along with teammate Paul DeGrado (55.65) and Izaak Bastian (55.68) gained automatic All American status.

In the final event of the night, the 400 Free Relay, Lake Highland again took the win. Anderson Myers, Carley Lowe, Alix Roy, and Abby Burke combined to go 3:26.95 and gain All American status. Pine Crest (3:27.02) was also automatic while Bolles (3:30.82) gained consideration.

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